Ickyridge Stoop is an American Alt-Rock group that icludes members Andrew Yelich, Todd Golper, Josh Gurney, and Dillon Stucky. The band recorded its first three tracks at Mike Clink's studio with the help of talented female vocalist Drew Drysdale as a featured artist. They then released their first EP (I Feel - EP) on September 18th, 2012, which includes the tracks "I Feel", "1, 2, 3", and "The Full Circle".


    Sept 7th - Good Hurt, Venice Beach at 9:45pm

    Oct 18th - Polo Grounds, San Francisco at 10pm

    Nov 2nd - Rose Bowl, Pasadena at 1:30

    November 9th - Molly Malone's at 9:00

    February 20th - Tiki Bar OC at 8:00

    February 22nd - Molly Malone's at 9:30